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January 27th


Coat – Vintage (Brick Lane), Blazer Underneath – Zara, Jeans – Topman, Boots c/o Kurt Geiger, Tote Bag – Asos

The essential, the one and only, the one that keeps you warm – yes I am talking about the perfect coat. Simple, long, short, a statement piece or a nice parker, he is the one who accompanies you the entire fall winter season. Especially during London Fashion Week, in my case London collections men, it is the most important choice to make in the morning since it’s too cold in London to really take your coat off. Luckily I am enjoying the privilege to live next to Brick Lane also known as the “paradise of vintage jackets and coats”. Naturally I went to buy some groceries and suddenly ended up dragging myself into a little vintage and second hand shop with a huge sign in front of their shopping window which said: “SALE”. You can finish the little story at this part and can guess what happened then …


Picutre Two by Nilik Khimani, Picture Three found on buro247.com

Coat – American Apparel, Sweater – Sixpack France c/o Fashionboxx, Ripped Jeans – Topman, Shoes – Zalando, Tote Bag – Asos, Hat – My Grandfather’s

To be honest with you I could write about hats the same way I write about coats. A hat makes an outfit complete in my opinion. I could wear hats each and every day. Well, I am actually about to do that since I got a new gorgeous brown hat from my best friend for my birthday. At this particaular day, day two of London Mens Fashion Week, it was probably not the best idea to wear a hat since it has been windy and rainy at the same time. At the end of the day I was about to chase my hat a couple of times after it fell off but i just couldn’t leave my little baby at home. After picking up my hat several times from the street I said to myself: “Simon, tomorrow you are not going to wear a hat again!”. Roughly 12 hours later you can probably guess what I was wearing, again. Or you can scroll down to see if you are right!



Pictures found on fashiontv.com

Scarf – Urban Outfitters, Shirt – American Eagle, Trousers – American Apparel, Boots – Doc Martens, Tote Bag – Asos

This scarf means a lot to me. I bought during my student exchange to New York about almost three years ago. Now I am wearing the scarf about 5 to 6 times a week and I won’t stop. I consider it as my statement piece to be honest. It just goes with everything, it’s bohemian, it’s warm, it’s just perfect. This time I didn’t wear it as usual – I tried to wear it almost like a tunic a little bit inspired by the last Burberry collection. Anyway, all in all it was such a nice experience at London Men’s Fashion Week this season and I cannot wait to what will happen next season.

January 21st


Flower Power – Instead of showing you a journal of what inspires me the most I thought of starting a monthly article of my favorite items, restaurants, markets, exhibitions etc. We are kicking 2015 off with loads of flowers. Since I moved in a lovely flat in East London super close to Columbia Road Flower Market I can’t resist picking up fresh and cheap flowers from the market around my corner. Now I can consider myself as a flower addict. How beautiful do these particular ones look? I think they lighten up the mood as soon as you enter the room.


Acne  and Sunglasses – What a perfect combination? Acne is one of my favorite labels on planet earth and it still feels like the first time when I put my pop classics shirt, black or white or even both, on. The fabric, the cut, the simplicity is just beyond perfect. Also I developed an addiction to sunglasses. I don’t know where it comes from since I have never been a huge fan of sunglasses. Anyway it probably started with the little vintage market literally opposite our flat and then continued with the huge sale on asos.com … Now I carry three pairs with me and switch them during the day. Absolute favorite.


Broadway Market – I don’t even know where to start. Since I am living so close to Broadway Market as well it is hard not to spend the Saturday around London Fields just enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of Broadway Market. You can buy German bread, Ferench cheese and some vintage clothing whilst having mulled cider in front of the beautiful little stalls. I literally spend the past four Saturdays there which means the entire month and I am still excited when my flatmate enters my room and asks me: “Broadway Market? Get out of bed, we are leaving in 10 minutes!”.


Hobo is the new Boho –  This scarf is probably the most iconic piece I have in my wardrobe. I am receiving compliments for every outfit I combine the scarf with so I decided to add gorgeous things in the same color palette to accomplish my looks. Silver and black rings, also found on asos.com, go perfectly with this clutch bag from Sandqvist. Loving the colors, loving the size, love love love.


London Collections Men – Obviously THE highlight next to my upcoming birthday (psst!) this month. I still can’t believe how exciting, exhausting, busy, wonderful those four days have been. Off Duty Models, Stylists, Fashion Editors from magazines you can only imagine, Photographers and Bloggers are running around in order to attend shows and presentations by leaving their own glamour on the street whilst getting photographed for Stockholm Streetstyle, le21ieme or British Vogue Streetstyle. Absolute Highlight for me was Tom Ford giving us a private talk through his upcoming collection. Can it get any better? Indeed? I dare you.


Fragrance – Everyone who knows me personally immediately notices that I am OBSESSED with perfume. At the moment I carry four different ones with me around which is Davidoff, Georgio Armani, a little one from Zara (too good) and my latest addition John Varvatos. People would ask me: “Simon, what are you doing with four different perfumes?” My answer is very simple and clearly the best. I mix them. And by mixing them I mean all of them. I love the smell when someone enters the room and you notice those beautiful fragrances coming together. The more the better. I am always carrying one bottle with me since I am traveling through London a lot at the moment it’s just so worth it.

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December 23rd


 Jacket c/o Mö Studior, Shirt – Humör, Jeans – Topman, Chelsea Boots c/o Kurt Geiger, Cap c/o Adidas

I am a big sucker for Scandinavian designers, obviously. When I had a look at the digital showroom of We Shall Run I was obsessed by this young Swedish designer named Mö Studior. Minimalism meets Scandinavian influence – perfect – and works excellent in my London hood East End. I can either wear it to go out combined with a fancy shirt or wear it to a shooting day with all black everything. Own way of inspiration approved. Also, I am so pleased that my lovely flatmate is taking the pictures for my blog at the moment. This time we literally went to the backyard of our apartment where this beautiful scenery takes place. Anyway huge thanks to We Shall Run X Mö Studior for my little Christmas Present.

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November 30th


Knitted Jumper c/o JackWills, Watch c/o DKNY, Coat & Bag – American Apparel, Jeans – Topman, Chelsea Boots c/o Kurt Keiger

Waking up on a sunny morning is a such a rare thing in London. Especially during winter. Somehow this Saturday the sun finally came out of her gray box. After the first cup of coffee my roommate shouted almost in our corridor: “Let’s go to broadway market!”. Broadway market is literally two streets away form our apartment and is probably the best thing to do on a Saturday morning. Fresh bread, beautiful flowers, good life music and a lovely atmosphere are making this market so special. Everyone is having the best Saturday morning with a fresh mushroom risotto or some grilled cheese. At least it seems to be like that. I just fell in love and will plan to go every Saturday.


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November 4th


Photos by Stewart Bywater / Models – Klara and Me / Styles Assistant – Anika

Sponsor – adidasNEO / Jackets and Scarves c/o adidasNEO

Since Adidas is my biggest sponsor at the moment I am thrilled to share those photos with you. Klara, my best friend, and I, are presenting the new autumn winter collection of adidasNEO. We wanted to show you guys how we spend our autumn days here in beautiful London and decided to climb up on a rooftop in order to enjoy the stunning view London has to offer. That is probably the most exciting thing to do when the atmosphere of the city gets moody and melancholic. We are just in love with that vibe. Even though the winter days in London can be quite gray we decided to go for statement jackets that make our winter season pop. #NEOWINTERFRIENDS


Trousers – American Apparel, Blazer – Topman, Shirt – H&M, Trainers –  Adidas

Matching pieces are essential in my wardrobe at the moment. What I noticed whilst strolling through the inspiring parts of London is that a lot of people tend to wear matching pieces as in a grey knitted skirt with a matching cropped jacket or a denim suit combined with a chunky jumper underneath. As a result I started thinking about the effect of a suit or matching pieces in general. Seen in so many collections this season like Chanel, Carven or Topshop Unique I noticed that it is actually such a classy way to make an outfit more sophisticated and chic.

What excites me the most is the fact that you can take it to a complete new level and combine just two matching single pieces like trousers and jackets with a plain white shirt instead of a button down, with white trainers instead of brown brogues. There are so many options to give this look your own vibe of style. Speaking of which, a suit is definitely a stylish statement – wether you’re a business man or not, wether you’re a woman or a man, wether you’re young young or old. Totally inspired.

October 4th


The moment your favorite blogger (in my case Andy Torres) looks straight into your camera is incredible. Welcome to London Fashion Week. Photographers, stylists, models leaving the shows, Stars and an overload of free popcorn. Most of the bloggers are describe the atmosphere outside the tent as more exciting then the shows themselves, but I cannot really agree. I felt inspired every time the lights shut down, a beat turned up and the first model walks along the runway. However, it was such a nice experience to shoot some street style pictures outside somerset house and capture my first London fashion week.


 American Apparel Coat, Topman Trousers & Bag, Adidas Trainers

The fashion week maddens has officially begun. When I am thinking back to my first Mercedes Benz Fashion Week experiences I’d never expected how crazy yet absolutely fascinating fashion week would be like. Yesterday I worked for a PR Agency and got to see so many aspects of the fashion industry. More to come soon! Let’s kick off day two.

September 11th


Photography by Stewart Bywater

Jumper – Urban Outfitters, Trousers – Zara, Boots – ASOS

Pure excitement. Right now I am getting things sorted for London Fashion week starting tomorrow whilst listening to Duke Ellington’s “In a sentimental mood”. This is day I always worked for, the event I always dreamed about and I am hyper enough already. A lot of people don’t know anything about fashion week or either way round and start mocking about the fashion industry. I will stick to my guns and will say that fashion has always been – and probably will always be –  my biggest inspiration in life. At this point I am so thankful for the fact that I alway enjoyed the support of friends, family and co-workers and sponsors that made my way to London even possible. I will fill in with all the details what I exactly did at London Fashion Week as soon as possible and am excited to share tons of beautiful images and experiences with you. Speaking of sharing I would like to introduce and support on of my favorite photographers and friends alias the talented Stewart Bywater. We met up on sunday at Trafalgar Square the enjoy the current exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. Go check his web side and support his work. Embrace each other!

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IMG_6406 KopieIMG_6425 KopieIMG_6301 KopieIMG_6438 KopieIMG_6444 KopieIMG_6282 KopieIMG_6338 KopieIMG_6448 KopieIMG_6321 KopieIMG_6443 KopieCap, Denim Shirt, Backpack and Trainers c/o adidasNEO, Jeans – H&M, Coat – American Apparel

#NEOnonstop or even better #alladidasNEOeverything . No I am just kidding. Since I worked together with Adidas my wardrobe got more and more pieces so I am struggling with actually creating an outfit without an Adidas piece. But not for this one. I am wearing all over Adidas NEO for my night out outfit. I decided to take you guys to Shoreditch, the place I work, dance, and live. The good thing is you really don’t have to know the name of any bar or club it was actually always a good experience. Up from Shoreditch High Street you can go all the way over Hoxton to Dalston and you will definitely find what you expected.

Adidas sent me this gorgeous denim shirt which goes perfectly with my taste of a good night out outfit. Compared the denim shirt with a black cap in order to pep it up a little bit and my green trainers in order to be able dancing the entire night. Usually I go for black when it comes to a good night out but this time I went for a little color inspired by the one and only adidasNEO label. I hope you enjoyed my little tour through my lunch and night routine.

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